03 April

1967…NMCB-58 completed maintenance, and improvements to Route 3 from Hill 327 north to Route 4, Da Nang. The project, begun on 20 march 1967, followed much the same procedures as the Battalion’s Route 1 upgrade procedures witth the prepared surface receiving 5 courses of cutback asphalt bituminous misture as a dust suppressor. Near the Hill 327 recreation area a 2” lift of asphalt was applied. Route 3 from Route 1B to Hill 327, a distance of .9 miles, was shaped, graded, and soft areas firmed up by placing 300 cu. Yds. of 1 ½” minus rock in selected areas. After this preparation; which was accomplished almost entirely at night, one bituminous primer coat (RC-3) was placed followed by a 1½” thick contractor furnished asphalt lift for a width of 30’. A total of 970 cu. yds. of asphalt was placed in two days. This time could have been reduced to one day had asphalt been available in sufficient quantity and had it not been required to haul the last 200 cu. yds. from East Da Nang. The latter was necessitated by mechanical difficulties experienced in the contractor’s West Da Nang plant. Three foot wide shoulders of ½” stone were placed and topped with one course of cutback asphalt bituminous mixture. The crew of 25 men on the Route 4 project proved to be the proper size crew required for asphalt operations over an essentially prepared base.
…NMCB-4 began construction of the Liberty Bridge with a 22 man

1968…A rocket/mortar attack took place at the ROK cantonment Service Company camp at Hoi An. No rounds impacted in the NMCB-58 berthing section but one unoccupied strongback recently constructed by NMCB-58 was damaged.
…LTGEN Victor Krulak, USMC, CG Fleet Marine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, visited NMCB-58 at the ROK marine cantonment construction site at Hoi An.
…NMCB-4 at Camp Haskins North went into Defense Condition I at 0100 when the helicopter pad at Red Beach received approximately 13 mortar rounds. Condition I was secured at 0143.
1969…NMCB-121 drove two steel piles overnight for the repair of the Nam Hoa Ammi Bridge.
…NMCB-62 Main Body began arriving at Camp Barnes, Dong Ha via military aircraft to relieve NMCB-7. The entire movement was completed by 06 April 1969.

1970…NMCB-74 Crew Tango, consisting of 6 enlisted men from Alpha Company Well Drilling Crew, deployed to MACV Advisory Team #15 Compound, Dai Loc, to drill and install one deep well. The Detail rejoined the Battalion on 11 April 1970.
…NMCB-74 Advance Party consisting of 1 officer and 57 enlisted men departed Camp Hoover, Da Nang for Gulfport, MS.
…Two spans of the Ba Ba Bridge on the Vinh An River were destroyed by sappers on 3 April. The bridge was repaired by NMCB-7 and reopened to traffic on 18 April.

1971…On 3 April 71 Archie B. Coleman, USN, attached to NMCB-3 and at work on Route QL-1, was shot by a sniper two kilometers north of Dien Ban, Quang Nam Province, and suffered a fractured arm.

1992…The first five coed recruit companies from Naval Training Center Orlando, graduate

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