04 April

1898…Appointment of the first Civil Engineering Corps officer, Rear Adm. Mordecai Endicott, as chief of Bureau of Yards and Docks

1949…NATO is established

1966… NMCB-4’s detail at Kham Duc completed its runway project.

1968… NMCB-128 set Ground Defense Condition One at Camp Faulkner due to a rocket attack on Da Nang installtions including Naval Support Activity Hospital and the Marbel Mountain Air facility. No NMCB-128 casualties or incoming rounds.
…NMCB-121 bridge crews began working on the timber bridge at Phu Loc District Headquarters (ZD 098006).
…NMCB-121 spent the night in fighting holes as an Alert was in effect from 0015 until 0545.
…A rocket attack occurred at the U.S. Army’s 1st Air Cavalry Division Maintenance Facility and at the Force Logistics Command Camp, Camp Brooks, Red Beach, Da Nang. NMCB-62 personnel remained in their mortar holes from 0130 to 0215. No rounds impacted in Camp Haskins South. NMCB-62 personnel again went to their mortar holes from 0710 to 0740 when another rocket attack occurred at the FLC camp. Once again, no rounds impacted within Camp Haskins South.
…NMCB-6 and NMCB-40 jointly entertained the Commanding Officers of Navy, Marine Corps, and Army units in the Chu Lai area at a mess night at NMCB-6 Camp Miller in commemoration of the 101st and 26th anniversaries of the Civil Engineer Corps and the Seabees respectively. RADM J.V. Bartlett, COM3NCB; CAPT C.W. Turner, COM30NCR: BGEN C.W. Ryder, Jr., Deputy CG Americal Division; and MGEN S.W. Koster, CG Americal Division attended.
…At 0140, NMCB-4 set Defense Conditions I when surrounding units received incoming rocket rounds. NMCB-4 secured from Defense Condition I at 0235. At 0709, NMCB-2 again went into Defense Condition I when FLC received four (4) rocket rounds. At 0800 the Battalion secured for Defense Condition I.

1969… NMCB-58 began the construction of a pre-engineered Pasco steel hanger to be used for aircraft maintenance on the MAG-12 flightline, Chu Lai. The project was turned over to NMCB-7 on 10 October 1969 at 98% complete. The building was beneficially occupied missing exterior doors and windows.
…NMCB-4’s officers and men who had participated in the training exercise at Camp Pendelton returned to CBC Port Hueneme.

1970… NMCB-121 Detail Alpha rejoined the Battalion at Camp Haskins South.
…NMCB-62 Advance Party, consisting of 4 officers and 96 enlisted men arrived at Camp Hoover, Da Nang

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