As insidious and inconsequential as a news report it began....kind of a news fill brief
until a few day or weeks later an update from the area of the obvious increase of infectious
cases .....
As Measles Outbreak Flares, Vaccination Rates Soar and Some Come ...

Feb 16, 2019 - Measles, which has broken out in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere ... As the outbreak has flared, vaccination rates have soared in a state where the .... 16, 2019 , on Page A22 of the New York edition with the headline: As ...

Personally, I have mentioned to you so often on here that my latter time in my military career
I was trained and instructed what was called 'Biological Warfare'....Background information
of past historical events when warfare was waged by contaminating articles of clothing, food,
drinking water, and most successful of all was having infected people roam around among the
citizens. Currently the news is ablaze with the infectious disease of measles in and around
cities in the United States and growing, seemingly uncontrolled...Some ethnic and religious
groups protest the effective control that is totally effective for decades...The Philippine Islands
are also involved as it is positive the various African nations are also...
Back in the Middle Ages when the Black Death (Bubo.plague) almost wiped out European
populations, the vectors of the organisms were body lice from animals to humans... Heaven
forbid some minor nation in the world decides to vector in illegals for them to 'level-the'
playing field'.jw

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