22 May

1966…NMCB-8 dedicated Camp Faulkner in memory of EOH3 Arnold J. Faulkner, who was attached to NMCB-4, was killed in a construction accident while rehabilitating the Special Forces Airstrip at Khan Duc. The ceremony was attended by LGEN Lewis Walt, USMC, CG III MAF; CAPT N.E. Anderson, COM30NCR; CAPT Canaga, Senior Medical Officer NSA Hospital; LCDR Tombari, Commanding Officer NMCB-6; and several other dignitaries.

1967…NMCB-58 turned over to NMCB-74 its project to build huts for Vietnamese Rangers on 05 June 1967. The project, begun on 22 May 1967, consisted of constructing three huts for Vietnamese Rangers at Phouc Loc, Da Nang (L701, 6659III; 963795). At the time of turnover the project was 30% complete. NMCB-58 had formed and poured the footings for all six huts and completed construction of one hut.
…NMCB-133 Seabee of the Month for May was selected. HM2 R.D. Leverton.
…Seabee Team 6201, under the command of LTJG D.B. Herrmann, CEC, USNR, was formed and departed Phu Bai for CBC Gulfport to commence training.
…A second increment of NMCB-58 Advance Party along with Seabee Team 5801 departed Da Nang for CBC Davisville.
…LCDR G.J. Bednar on NMCB-4 was awarded the 1967 Morrell Medal at the annual S.A.M.E. Awards dinner in Washington, D.C.
…First flight of NMCB-3’s Main Body departed Port Hueneme in C-130’s for Phu Bai.

…NMCB-4 completed Strongback huts for 1st Light AA Missle Battalion.

1968… An MCB-8 road crew working on Route 551 six and one-half miles north east of Hue was attacked by small arms and mortar fire which inflicted no casualties
…NMCB-128 set Ground Defense Condition One at Camp Faulkner due to a mortar and rocket attack on Da Nang installations. No NMCB-128 casualties or incoming rounds.
…LCDR G.R. Matthews, CEC, USN, and CAPT J.W. Murphy, USMC, COMCBPAC Staff, held an Administrative Inspection on NMCB-62’s Planning, Ordnance, Security and Embarkation areas at Camp Haskins South.
…A rocket/mortar attack occurred at the U.S. Army’s 1st Air Cavalry Division Maintenance Facility and the Force Logistics Command (FLC) Camp at Camp Books (Brooks), at Red Beach, Da Nang. NMCB-62 personnel remained in their mortar holes from 0001 to 0115. No rounds impacted in Camp Haskins South.
…CDR C.J. Mathews, CEC, USN, prospective Commanding Officer of NMCB-58, arrived on board.
…LCDR G.R. Matthews, CBPAC and CAPT J. Murphy, USMC, 21NCR conducted an Ordance and Communication Inspection on NMCB-53.
…CAPT J.R. Fisher, COM32NCR, Visited NMCB-40 at Camp Shields.
…Camp Haskins North went into Defense Condition I at 0001 when FLC received 122mm rockets and the 1st Air Cavalry helo pad received mortar rounds. No rounds fell within the Seabee perimeter.

1969…At 0830 an NMCB-121 side dump was damaged by a mine between Phu Loc Quarry and Cau Hai village with no casualties sustained. The road had been swept by the Army. At 0920, an MRS was damaged by another mine approximately 200 meters from the side dump. The operator was slightly injured.
…NMCB-121 Advance Party depated Camp Wilkinson, Gia Le for CBC Gulfport.
…At 2342 three rounds of 140mm rockets impacted in the vicinity of Camp Barnes and Camp Spillman (CBMU-301, Detail Bravo). No NMCB-62 personnel or equipment casualties were sustained. Camp Hoover remained in Condition Blue until 0030.
…The Hon. J.H. Chafee, SECNAV, visited NSF, CRB. A representation of CBMU-302 officers and men was introduced during the Secretary’s tour of the area. Vadm. E.R. Zumwalt, Jr., COMNAVFORV, accompanied the Secretary.

1970…NMCB-5’s Detail Lima, located in the Rung Sat Special Zone near Can Gio, had a command detonated claymore mine explode approximately 500 feet from the road crew. No personnel casualties resulted.
…CBMU-302 NAVCAT FOURTEEN was deployed to An Khon to construct VNN dependant shelters and to provide technical assistance for the Vietnames to construct VNN dependant shelters

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