Good Morning All...Probably another nervous day in the combat zone of Da Nang Vietnam.
Also possibly attending a briefing held at the Marine contingent in Gunny Gaynes absence..
The Jewish hospital corpsman Schnell had brought some fresh arrived goodies from his Mom
that he always shared with my yeoman, Jimmy Walker. If one were to venture out side and
the wind was just right, smell the military mortuary across the air field...The constant sound
of planes arriving and departing...Gunners Mate Epalt from the armory may have come by
to pick up my side-arm to clean it for me...I may have told him that the message from BUPERS
had arrived approving his Class B school on our return to stateside...If it would be early
afternoon the mail call would bring letters from home...Down in the nearby native village we
called DogPatch, cooking smoke would be rising into the air to be wafted around the area...The
Sea Bees had done so much helping those poor folks rebuild after the severe ammo-dump
explosion ....only the previous week our Chaplain had gone to dedicate a school built by our
battalion people... As was normal, with the kind old Chaplain sharing half our S-2 hootch he may
called thru the wall to ask if we had our coffee pot on.. With expectations of returning back to the world in early September training plans and schools for the troops kept our S-2 function brisk and busy. Some young fellow come in and ask for a school, the normal uptake would be, "have you checked with your squad leader and your Chief"?... No, I don't remember this date specifically but
close enough for a daily routine..things never carved in stone for all plans subject to change the moment someone would scream "INCOMING"....the pounding of combat boots on plywood decks bailing onto the tortured landscape of the camp looking for a protective, 'hunker down' hole. The fresh starched, pressed greens you were hoping to get 2 days wearing out of, smudged with the red, iron mineral infused earth of this challenged land...JW


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