Good Morning from the Phoenix area where
triple digit temps are an everyday occurance...Sit around indoors and spend
more than a usual at the keyboard..Old
timers recall days of yore and if they just happen to be a Navy Sea Bee, those
recalled days may go back to the mid 50's on the Caribbean Island of Antigua...Yeah, it was referred to as the British West Indies and all the shortened acronyms were later laid over
referring the islands residents as the
BEE-WEES...There were many luxury hotels all around and one such plush layout was right across the bay inlet called St. Johns..The Sea Bee side housed MCB#6 where they were refurbishing an old abandoned WWII
English military site...One day the
UT's, CD's (EO's today) and the SV's
(today EA's) were laying sewer lines to
grade to manholes...This magnificant spring morning about 10:00 the work
crews were alarmed with the sounds of
hooting and whistling and cheers...The
green-clad laborers were shoving and pushing each other away from the surveyors transit that appeared to be
leveled across the inlet toward the
St. John's resort hotel...By the time
Bobbie Hughs and I had pushed our way to a 'look-see', there was a crowd
lined up taking turns...It was determined later the site and scene was England's Princess Margaret and her
4 or 5, Ladies-in-Waiting, sunbathing
there on the beach...All these ladies,
including the Princess Margaret were
topless and probably unaware that a
bunch of rowdy Sea Bees were scoping
out the scenery! This affair lasted
for a while until a military jeep
drove up and inquired to the men what
was going on...Well, you must know that
the improvised 'peep-show' come to a
screeching halt...Appropriate people
were reprimanded and the transit was
put back to the burdensome task of
making sure the quarter inch per linear
foot was maintained on the 4 inch
sewer line...JW

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