What were you doing when the world
stopped turning, that September day?

I had gone to the market that morning early to get some large bread boxes for my
wife as she made blankets for her church and those boxes always dry and clean so
it was an errand...On the way out I visited with Sharon whose son I had recommended
for his Sea Bee enlistment...She began telling me about a plane crashing into a bldg
in New York and I told her that happened back in WWII when a bomber had crashed
into what i thought was the Empire State building....She interrupted my dialog and
said, "it happened right now John and the building is on fire"...! Other customers that
had got in line, some knew about it and others hadn't heard...What a terrible feeling
we all had for Sharon remarked again that it had just happened...It was a day without
end, seeming and then the second plane went in......questions and explanations become
so very crowded with the commentators ...Thinking back now it seems almost to be one
of those times without the measurement of this morning to have evaluated the
18 years ...for a short time thereafter fellow Americans become as they had not been
for a long time..why couldn't that have lasted...!

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