Good Morning All....Multiple articles have been written and published concerning this
ever increasing tragedy....suggested solutions are plentiful and even the studied
suggestions avail with great rapidity... As a former military person, I remark that I
don't recall it being a great problem during the periods I had served....that being
during both the Korean War and the Vietnam conflict, 1951 to 1971... The naval
construction units called Sea Bees were used to multiple deployments of lengthy
periods and that being the oft-mentioned cause of the current rash of military
suicides...Why would want to think, with the current, 'All Volunteer Service', there
would be that trend of self-destruction among those volunteers? A reminder for
myself as I voice these remarks, that during those 20 years that I served, I do not recall
a single, solitary suicide amongst those forces. Battalion Chaplains were readily
available to all with personal or family problems...emergency leaves granted while
units were on deployment were not unheard of..The American Red Cross played a
very active role in such dealings. The MARS communication set-ups was a very
active role-player during the aforementioned periods of my own service...Surely, a
sad and tragic time that needs a positive approach and solution. Chief

Suicide Has Been Deadlier Than Combat for the Military
The Pentagon has made strides in helping those in need, but the rate of deaths is rising.

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