Good Morning All...Our country is indeed, suffering a terrible complex of situations that
appear to take some being of spiritual significance to all, for its correction. Go back if you
wish to and recall the gathering of patriotic spirit the day and few days following the
terrible tragedy of 'nine-eleven'.. This morning watching the various newscasts and listening
to the various commentators about the horrible events coming out of Mexico...Mothers and
very small, innocent children, murdered and some appearing to be burned alive by the
so-called Cartel gangs of Mexico...barely over the Arizona border into that crime ridden land
that knows no law and order...Out of desperation President Trump offered assistance, but
laid out for acceptance by that country, what could be done short of invasions and conquering
those forces of evil ...recently one of the cartel leaders son was taken into military custody
and it was attacked by the cartel and had to give up the captured youth back to cartel.. What
can one do but ramble on as I am doing ...we hear enough, all of us, direct from the recent
news...efforts to construct the wall meets with disapproval by our own political people opposing
the current leaders efforts to get it finished. JW

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