Greetings all, and who among us, regardless of age or previous conditions
of servitude, hasn't been somewhere on
Christmas Day. wishing they were back at
their roots, in their presence of loved
ones celebrating this joyous occasion.
As we mention locations and times, my
first Christmas in the Navy I was fresh
out of boot camp and at Port Hueneme
waiting for UT school to start... There
was there in 1951 an old WWII Japanese
Zero fighter parked outside of the
old Museum...The Mess Hall then was
referred to as the Old Master Galley.
After school I was assigned to MCB#2
and the next two Christmas I spent in
the Philippines...Nuff for mine..what
the story with yours, Seabee? Great
time to visit...John R. is passing
around pictures of the official
Seabee and the unofficial one wearing
'black-face', lugging a foot ball and
holding a ####tail drink...Party Time!!!! Best Regards all..Wilborn


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