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His parents money hasnít ever bought him ####. You all are nothing but a bunch of grown#####drama queen #####s. If you are so worried about commenting then list your name like I did. In 30 years #### hasnít changed. We go pulling to have a good time. My 19 year old son bought and paid for his two trucks on his own. Along with everything else he owns. No sponsors, no mommy & daddy money. If any of you queens have ever drove a truck and not threw your helmet off (inside your own truck) after a break or been disappointed in your pull. Then, the conclusion is simple- your pansy#####has never drove a pull truck, never owned one or you donít care about the sport like the rest of us do. So pathetic. Sad part is, if the truth came out, the queens talking #### are likely ones who claim to be a friend that says the most crap and starts the most drama. Do you. We arenít here for this. We are here to have a good time.


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