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Re(2): catarinquar stories

I found this fic masterlist that catarinquar posted (though the below list is more complete than that link because it's from a more recent saved copy that I couldn't find online). This list is more complete than what Nina and I have posted, plus it clarifies that "salt" actually is part 4 of a series.



fever dreams | ao3 | G | 1k | pre-revival, sickfic, angst, minimal h/c; mulder is sick and needs scully even if she was the one who left him. set january 2015 maybe?

birds & junebug birdie | ao3 | G | 1.6k | iwtb/revival era, msr, angst, fluff; the unremarkable house is a bird sanctuary of sorts, but everyone’s welcome.

thieves | ao3 | M | 1.1k | post-s9, msr, angst; post-the truth. they’re on the run, hiding out in yet another motel room.

honey glow | ao3 | G | 0.6k | s7, msr, fluff; post-amor fati. scully’s mind is a beautiful place.

madly, madly | ao3 | M | 0.8k | s7/AU, msr, fluff; december 1999. dearest brother bill is an ass. happy AU follow-up to of saturday secrets and maybe-babies. nsfw.

cold coffee and cologne coats | ao3 | G | 0.9k | s6, msr, fluff; post-three of a kind. scully finds mulder waiting for her.

chiaroscuro | ao3 | E | 0.7k | s7, msr, minimal angst; some case, some motel. mulder finds scully with his name on her lips. nsfw.

quiet is the closest thing | ao3 | E | 1k | s4, msr, cancer arc, angst; post-zero sum. mulder just wants to take care of her. nsfw.

nereid | ao3 | E | 1.6k | s7, msr, minimal angst; post-orison. mulder takes scully to san diego for her birthday. nsfw.

2k - 10k

fields | ao3 | M | 2.8k | pre-revival, angst, msr, minimal h/c; two nosebleeds do not have to mean anything, and neither do headaches. sequel to fever dreams, set august 2015 maybe?

utah | ao3 | M | 2.6k | post-s9, msr, angst; post-the truth. on the run from everyone and everything, but slowly creeping back towards each other. nsfw.

sportstar | ao3 | M | 2.3k | series, msr, fluff, minimal angst; all of mulder’s sports and one sport that is definitely not his.

of saturday secrets and maybe-babies | ao3 | M | 4.3k | s7, msr, fluff, angst; post-amor fati. mulder is figuring some things out while they attempt IVF around thanksgiving ‘99. written as part of sportstar; could be its own AU.

december 1998 | ao3 | M | 5.5k | emily AU, msr, fluff, minimal angst; emily lives, mulder and scully are doing just fine. and it’s christmas.

roscoe | ao3 | M | 9.1k | s4, cancer arc, angst, minimal casefile; nature and nosebleeds is what maine does best. mulder and scully are on a case. three parts.

this is an ongoing series of interconnected works dealing with scully’s bodily autonomy etc etc, so it gets a general warning for implied/mentioned/discussed (medical) rape and other non-con situations.

hunters never hide for long | ao3 | M | 2.7k | s2, angst; post-one breath through irresistible, excelsis dei, and a scully family christmas. something about racked up trauma and delayed affect.

trouble coming to your home | ao3 | M | 4.7k | s4, cancer arc, angst, ust, minimal h/c; post-never again, pre-memento mori. she’s been afraid he might see her as his sister and now she’s afraid she might be dying.

we are too shallow and too brave | ao3 | M | 2.5k | s7, msr, angst, h/c; post-orison. the first night and a trial run of falling apart.

salt | ao3 | M | 4.5k | s7, msr, angst, h/c; post-orison. reclamation is rarely linear.

muddy and foxgloved | ao3 | E | wip* | s7, msr, angst, h/c; post-en ami, but from closure through all things. seven parts. nsfw.


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