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regarding curses/blessings.

basically, there are way too many in circulation. there's only supposed to be 2-3 characters with a blessing/curse at a time and they're supposed to be mainly impermanent - there are currently 8 blessings and 5 curses in circulation.

this is the fairest solution i can think of, so i don't want /any/ complaints.

all blessings/curses are wiped. gone. characters with them are being given a coin instead, to do with as they wish.

if the blessing/curse was a major part of your character's personality and you want it restored, you must come and appeal to me directly for it. i will allow some of the blessings/curses to be reinstated for the cost of one coin, but not all. whether or not you can get your curse/blessing reinstated depends on the number of people wanting them back, how quickly you appeal for it back and the strength of your argument. if you only just got it and you're upset because you think it would be cool, i'm not going to grant it back to you over someone else for whom it is a major part of their character's personality.

if you want to discuss it with me, my contacts are as follows:
email: georgia@shamanrpg.net
aim: thesexygeorgia
msn: thetamar@hotmail.co.uk

it is recommended that if you are desperate to have your blessing/curse restored, you alert me first by emailing me and then wait for me to come onto a messenger to discuss it with me in person.

thanks guys<3

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