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omniety judgements.

that was a marathon xD

i sought a second opinion on judging the omniety and we both came to the same agreement.

the winner of shaman's first omniety is freya, played by equilibrium.

joel and patrick both receive +15 points as runner up prizes and they are permitted to keep anything they granted themselves while they had a blast with divinity ;)

as for freya, he receives first prize. or, rather, sarpedon does.

sarpedon has been transformed into an unlimited shapeshifter. this means that he has the power to shift into any animal, including mythical and extinct animals, although he does not have any magical powers of his own (eg if he shifts into a dragon he does not have fire-breathing). this is a unique type of familiar which cannot be gained in any other way than through the omniety. this is the true meaning of the omniety - omni meaning all.

if for whatever reason this prize is unsatisfactory, quil should come and speak to me to have it swapped. :)

well done to everyone who competed in the omniety, and congratulations to quil and freya. :)

no need to claim on updates.

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