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rule changes regarding breeding/pregnancy

this is how pregnancy works at the moment on shaman

1 year = 12 months
1 season = 3 months (more or less XD)

1 shaman year = 8 rl weeks
1 shaman season = 2 rl weeks

pregnancy lasts for 1 rl month,
which means that a pregnancy on shaman is 2 seasons or 6 months.


i realise that pregnancies are already very long on shaman anyway compared to other games - this is allow you more time to develop your characters over the course of the pregnancy (have them realise it, go through all the emotions, prepare for it etc). so far no one has complained that pregnancies are too long, and the long pregnancies for character development purposes seems to work.

i'm going to extend the pregnancy period to the full 9 months (6 rl weeks/1 and a half rl months), with twins and triplets being born on average 1 rl week and up to 2 rl weeks prematurely. current pregnancies will not be affected; only characters who become pregnant from may 1st 2010 will be affected, and their due dates will reflect this. this is sort of like a trial period. i want anyone playing pregnant characters with the new longer pregnancy (or who are waiting on playing the babies) to contact me and keep me updated about how they're feeling about it.

if people don't like playing it out for the full period, we'll either reduce it back to a month, or there will be an option when you breed to have a short or long pregnancy.

please no complaints/comments now - i want you to give this new system a chance before you judge it :)

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