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inner border extras

at the bottom of the inner border page are several new links.

1. a map, for those of you who like a visual representation of the island. you do not have to use this as a reference if you prefer to let your imagination run wild.
2. land point link. hasn't been updated.
3. territory histories [see below]
4. territory layouts. same link as from help. hasn't been updated.

territory histories... i need a better word than histories. info, maybe xD it's basically just a few bullet points with interesting info about how that territory has played its own significant role in shamans history, when it was discovered, etc.

on this little popup is also recorded the powers a territory has.

if your territory has a power which has been missed off (i know there's at least one or two xD) please post it on updates. likewise, if you think there's an interesting/significant point of information about a territory which should be on there, please post on updates.

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