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part one.


Itís midnight when the island lurches.

Nobody, not even one with the gift of ecological empathy, would feel the subtle trembles in the earth even if they were awake at this hour; the earthquake is not happening here, but hundreds of miles out to sea. Far from the coast where the land is less than a speck on the horizon, the tectonic plates on the earthís crust which were previously held in fixed place by magic shift with dramatic suddenness. The first tremor is powerful enough to break the bones of the nearest fish. The water rumbles and churns, forming waves which collide against one another restlessly until one large one stands tall above the others; with incredible speed, it begins to steadily roll towards the coast, swelling with each half a metre covered.

To the north, another plate pushes forward. A similar series of events occurs, except that this time, the wave is several hundred feet larger by the time it begins to make its crushing journey towards the land.


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