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by-elections, parliament & grand tournament.

previously, only full elections were permitted.

now, if the kaiser does not wish to have a full general election, he can hold a by-election for a single parliamentary post if:
- the character holding that post has quit the game, has been killed, or is in a long-term vegetative state (eg a coma), OR
- the character holding that post has not responded to at least three consecutive proposals over a period of at least three weeks.

a by-election is much the same as a general election, except that there is only one parliamentary post available.

the kaiser can force by-elections for both the upper and the lower house. he can only force three consecutive by-elections; after these three, if he wishes to force a fourth, he must instead hold a general election.

members of parliament are obliged to vote on all proposals. however, whereas previously they could only vote to reject or accept, they can now vote to abstain.

if the majority vote to abstain, then an in-character debate regarding the proposal must be held before mps will be invited to vote again. the bill will not be changed - the purpose of the debate is to change mps' opinions, not the bill itself.

"abstain" should not be used to change elements to the bill (for that, you should use "reject") - it should only be used for clarification/explanation or if you are unsure what to vote. remember that even if you like most of the bill but there's one small bit you don't like, you should always reject it with the proposed changes.

hosting the grand tournament is now the responsibility of the chancellor. the chancellor can hold a new grand tournament whenever he/she wants a new minister of war.

the chancellor may choose to hold a tournament or contest to select the minister of peace, but this is the chancellor's choice. the chancellor /must/ use the grand tournament to determine the new minister of war.

if the player of the chancellor wishes to enter one of their own characters into the grand tournament, they can still host it, but i will judge it.

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