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some lands reopened.

The ash cloud seems to finally be lifting, allowing some warmth down to the ground. It's still dark and overcast, but with summer approaching, things are starting to look up. The extra heat means that the flood has started to abate and two territories, Falcon Point and Shady Labyrinth, have been deemed to be inhabitable again.

However, things cannot go back to the way they were. These territories are far from dry - large patches of water still dominate them and they still flood in wet weather. All the buildings and gardens and most of the plants have been completely destroyed. Only a few of the sturdiest trees remain upright. At Falcon Point, the terrain has been altered forever - where the volcanic eruption created deep chasms, the flood has transformed them into rivers. Everything else is covered in a layer of solidified lava. In the Shady Labyrinth, the labyrinth itself has been completely annihilated.

Worse, the ground is too wet to plant anything, and all the wildlife was killed in the flood. There is no food here. The famine continues.

Somewhere deep down, we knew that we would have to face the tattered ruins of our world - but equally, we hoped that somehow, the land would stand the test of the elements. Sadly, it did not. We now have to accept that all our belongings are gone and our homes destroyed. All we have left is each other.

The flood has washed the slate clean for us, and in the interests of starting anew all alliances, truces and hostilities have been wiped. Territory members are not obliged to return to the territory from whence they came; they are free to choose a new home, or else withold their decision for as long as they wish. Territory leaders are invited to attend a meeting regarding the future of the Inner Border, to be held in Falcon Point. In this meeting, territories may seek alliances or truces, make demands of each other and haggle; colonies may seek independence and land points may be bought and sold.


So basically, FP and SL are open again, although they're both a bit soggy :P But, pretty much, territories have been wiped. I haven't wiped members because I think I might get told off for that, but members, it's not a case of choosing to opt out of living in your territory; you should consider yourselves homeless, and you should opt back in again if that's where you want to be.

Anyone can attend the territory leaders meeting in FP, we're not going to ID you on the door XD What I don't want is for everyone to fall back into the old alliances or just to make friends with everyone again. The whole point of wiping the slate clean was to stir things up a bit. Sure, make friends - but do it at a cost, so for example if you're a powerful territory, you can demand land points from a less powerful territory in exchange for your protection. if you're a colony and you're more powerful than the base territory, demand that you become the base territory and the base territory becomes your colony. if you want to haggle with other things you know you wouldn't be able to normally, just ask me. Make some secret deals or conditional pacts or piss a few people off and make some enemies - whatever, just do something different and exciting xP

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