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the rules on sex posts.

I think it's time the rules on sex posts need to be spelt out nice and clear, because it's a bit vague at the moment.

Familiars having sex is absolutely forbidden.
Sex should be for the purpose of reproduction or character development. Gay sex is, of course, permitted for the latter reason. Oral sex, or any other form of sex other than sexual intercourse, should not be played out.

If you decide to roleplay out sex, you MUST include a warning note in the subject line of EVERY post containing sex or strong sexual references. (PG) Will do as a warning. All sex posts should, in any case, be suitable for any age reader, including under 13's. The warning is there simply to let players who may be "stalking" characters know if they don't want to stumble across something.

When in doubt, include less detail.

The recommendation for sex posts is a reference which does not actually describe the sex but which implies it, for example:

"Jenny wrapped her arms around Norman's neck. He kissed her, and gave her something else besides."


"They fell back onto the bed, locked in each others' embrace. The next morning, she awoke to the sound of birdsong, and rolled over to find his naked back lying next to her."

As aformentioned, actually roleplaying out the sex is not forbidden, but you must include a warning in the subject line and you must keep it suitable for younger readers (and older readers who perhaps don't want to read it :P).

Likewise, if you're the type of person who doesn't like to read that kind of thing - don't read it. Since from now on you'll be warned which posts they are, you can just avoid them. A lot of books and films which are not mature/rated/pornographic contain sex or nuditiy scenes so I see no reason to disallow it, and if you find it inappropriate you don't have to read it.

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