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part one.

It isn’t often Arthur awakes to find a small mound of earth with bright green eyes standing at his bedside, staring unblinkingly down at him. All credit to the young Kaiser, he does not start.

Essalâmu áleikum, Arthur effendi,” the earth-boy murmurs in flawless Arabic. Where he learned Arabic, Arthur has no idea; Lilith’s clairvoyant brother is possibly the strangest of her siblings, and not least for his ability to know that which, by all the laws of possibility, he could not know. “Do you know where your leader is?”

It is not a request for information; it is a simple question, designed to test Arthur’s own knowledge. “I am the King, Osiris,” he frowns, “there is no authority higher – ”

The realisation hits with a sickening thud. Without another word to the shrewd and calculating child, he simultaneously slips out of bed and reaches for his robe.

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