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the fourth curse - explained.

this affects each character individually. you may choose if it affects your character all of the time, some of the time or not at all; if some of the time you can choose if it's regular (eg only at night) or irregular (random intervals).

as osiris explains, the 4th curse reduces your fairy to its primal instincts. beyond "can i eat it, will it eat me, can i have sex with it", your fairy has absolutely no cognition/thinking processes while it's under the influence of the 4th curse. they react purely on instinct and on their concealed, unconscious desires. consider this an opportunity for your character to do things you want them to do but which would be against their personality under normal circumstances.

familiars are not affected at all. consider them your fairies' consciences XD the personality muddling between aura/anneliese is unique to her - that won't happen to your characters because their familiars aren't repressed inside them dw ^^

since i predict a surge in babies, remember that breeding IS still open but you need the login information to access haven:

username: shaman
password: 1234

any questions, just ask ^^

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