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adios, mis amigos.

I'm not leaving tomorrow until about twoish, but I probably won't be on because I haven't packed yet because I'm a procrastinator.

Now, NOBODY PANIC, but I'm off to Spain for two weeks. :D I'm technically back something like the 2nd/3rd August, but I come back half way through folk week (I live in a tourist resort, and once a year in folk week we turn into disneyland) so I probably won't be around properly until the end of that, which is something like the 7th. I will have some internet access so I might be able to post a couple of times, and I'll be within texting reach if anyone desperately needs me, but more or less count me away ^^

While I'm gone, you've got the dream team (aka, the mods) heading stuff with Merlin and Alora at the forefront. If there is an intergalactic crisis, they are your temporary gods. They also have some fun stuff lined up for you so make sure you don't go into Gia-withdrawal and drop off ;) This party's ravin'.

If anyone does need to get hold of me, Merlin, Pixie and Innocent have my number so speak to one of them. If you need to speak to me direct I will access my georgia@shamanrpg.net emails as often as I can.

Not a lot else to say, other than LOVE YOUUUUU and see you when I see you<33

Btw, Shaman in Spanish is Chamán, so for the duration of this fortnight you may all call yourselves Chamánites. Pretend I didn't google translate that. ;)

Adios x

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