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final update of the day

Sixth curse has ended.

All territories are reopen again and deflooded.

The Lost Inlet Academy is back on its feet. To get the ball rolling with that, everyone who applied for positions have been granted them. From now on, though, you will need to pass some kind of a test in order to get a position. I have also appointed one person as a TEMPORARY head of department so that they can get down to organising stuff as necessary without me having to organise for everyone. This is a TEMPORARY position so do not get upset if you didn't get it/you did get it but you get booted off in a week or so's time. A temporary coordinator has also been appointed to oversee that everything is running smoothly.

It is the job of the heads of department to:
- Recruit new students, especially if they don't have any for their dept.
- Recruit specialist teachers if they need them (eg if you run the domesticities dept and none of the teachers really know about cooking, hire a specialist cook to teach).
- Organise the other teachers and tell them what to teach to who and when.
- If students apply to your department, it is the head of dept's job (NOT the principle's) to set them some kind of test and then decide whether or not they should be allowed to learn at the academy.

It is the job of the other teachers to:
- Hear and obey their head of dept.
- Teach lessons to the students.
- If there are no students in your dept, run "taster sessions" for anyone to join in with.

TASTER SESSIONS are like lessons for non-students... kind of like one-off evening classes. Anyone can participate in them to get an idea of what school is like. It does not contribute towards your school performance to participate in one BUT you do get +5 points for participation, and teachers get +10 points if at least three characters (played by different people) participate. Students can participate in taster sessions for other departments.

The academy IS NOT JUST FOR CHILDREN. Anyone, any age, can enroll. Only adults can apply to be teachers.

Teachers are expected to be able to teach ALL subjects within their department (although they may have a specialism in one or more) and will be called upon to teach those subjects if there is a shortage of specialists. Students are expected to learn ALL subjects within their department if they want to progress through the grades.

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