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Our world is changing around us. We are no longer acknowledged as the supreme. Those that were driven away so long ago have returned to challenge our position as heralds of the gods. This time we will not rest until they are dead or we are dead. There will be no mercy for those that dare intrude on our lands.

We are surrounded. The other, lesser elements on one side, the lesser horses on the other. We cannot afford to lose to any of them. We will not allow ourselves to fail. The gods themselves chose us. Those that oppose us will be brought down in the name of the order that is to come and the gods that will one day revisit. Their change is not the will of the gods. It is the will of those that would oppose us. It is the last thing that must be removed before things are as they should be once again. We will remove them. We will earn the favor of the absent gods once more.

Brand new horse rpg
Kingdoms open for claim and creation
All writing levels accepted and welcome
New take on "elemental" - no elemental powers, no points

[url=http://thechangeling.freehostia.com/] thechangeling.freehostia.com[/url][/center]

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