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information on colonising/the war in general.

Obviously, the main purpose of the war for Mallos is to subdue Aura, and for Aura it's to get rid of Mallos.

The underlying purpose, however, is the control of Shaman. Right now, both parties are concerned with gaining power over land mass; if they can control all the land, then there's nowhere for the enemy to hide and they'll be able to back them into a corner. Once all the land is controlled, they can focus on getting the opposing deity under control and then attempting to sway the loyalties of the opposing kingdom. So although this is an ideological war, it is also very much a land-based war - which is why both Aura and Mallos are keen to expand their empires and colonise as many territories as possible.

Anyone can claim a territory in no-man's-land for either empire at any time by posting an in-character claim post there. ("Didi claims this territory for Mallos" isn't enough - it needs to be a post.) You must then wait 3 days for your claim to be challenged. This is a "consolidation period" - if your claim goes unchallenged (i.e. no one from the opposing kingdom replies to try and stop you claiming it) the territory is colonised. If someone challenges your claim, you will probably have to fight it out with them and then either you and the other person decide OOC who will win, or you call me in to judge.

If someone challenges your claim and you don't want to fight them or don't feel you can win, you can always post in your kingdom's base territory calling for reinforcements. Your kingdom's army should respond to your call. When a kingdom's army leaves to fight in another territory, a full-scale battle will take place. Both armies do not need to be present for a battle.

The moderators have been split into two teams. Team Mallos is Merlin and Alora; Team Aura is Pixie and Affy. Merlin and Alora control Mallos' monsters and Pixie and Affy control Aura's; the mods will be working against each other and against the opposing kingdoms. Each team also has control over their kingdom's mage, so they can use divinity to intervene. If you want to plot, you can conspire with the moderators associated to your kingdom.

You can also attempt to take over a territory which has already been colonised by the enemy. Your chances of getting this territory are significantly lower, so you're advised to try for a no-man's-land first. Attacking the other kingdom's colony is fraught with danger because it is protected by their mage, who will almost certainly enter the battle, and you will probably only succeed if you can get your mage to join in the fight.

If you ask me to determine the outcome of the war, I will also determine which characters get taken as prisoners of war. Obviously, only the winning side will take prisoners of war.

You may only attack the other kingdom's base territory if your kingdom controls all the other territories in the inner border.

When one kingdom controls all the territories in the inner border, they may then start to lay claim to territories in the outer border.

You can attempt to take over the Core by force (same way as you would take over the inner border) or legally (same way as you would gain power in the Core normally) at any time. At the moment the Core is an independent body but aligned to Apeliotes Island.

The Lost Inlet is the only outer border territory you may treat as you would an inner border one - i.e., you may attempt to take it over either diplomatically or by force at any time. The Lost Inlet is currently a neutral independent body not aligned to either side.

You do not have to fight a battle to gain a colony. If it already belongs to the enemy, you can blackmail or otherwise diplomatically manouvre the territory out from under them. This is where prisoners of war come in handy.

The war will be over if one kingdom manages to control every territory on Shaman, including all the outer border, inner border and the Core, and manages to capture the opposing kingdom's leader, mage and second.

This is an active war with no predetermined fate - meaning that I have not already decided on the outcome of it and I do not have fixed plots which will steer the battle one way or another. You determine the course of this war.

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