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survey results.

surveys have now been processed and your characters credited points.

as a result of this survey, these features have been added:
- writing workshop and weekly writing scene
- list of flaws
- list of powers

these features are currently under construction:
- guide to creating character layouts
- guide to creating unique characters

and these features are due to be added in the near future:
- rpg directory (advertising oriented)
- studio directory
- writing help directory
- html symbols and characters
- guide to managing stress
- guide to basic punctuation

the general consensus resulting from the survey seemed to be that people were happy with the decisions being made and how things work.

points raised which will be explored:
- possibility of adding another level/changes to character levels
- alternative ways to get points/coins/curses/blessings
- alternative uses of coins
- possibility of return of power plots and contacts boards

the thing which struck me the most was this:

Q: Which statement best suits you?
A: After the war, the two kingdoms should continue, but under different rulers and with breakaway territories/kingdoms. 57% agree
A: After the war, the old territories should be reinstated exactly as they were. 29% agree
A: After the war, characters should be able to discuss and set up an entirely new system. 14% agree

So 71% of people DON'T want the territories restored to the way they were before this version switchover.
There were some comments on that which will be taken into consideration, and I will be exploring alternative territory setups as well as the possibility of going with the first option.

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