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monster contest results.

entry points:
+20 to ewan
+10 to gobardon
+20 to freya
+80 to adia reshil
+10 to mouse
+10 to epos

and an extra +10 each per monster to ewan, freya and gobardon, for writing a LOT xD

i was amazed at the amount of effort and thought everyone put in to their monsters, and it was really hard choosing winners :/ i will be implementing as many monsters as shamanimals as possible.

first place:
the mondaug by equilibrium
-> This creature will be employed to guard the entrance to Shady Labyrinth. It is now impossible to enter the Shady Labyrinth without getting past this monster, which has been trained to recognise and ignore kingdom members. Mallos has magically disabled its poison venom, so when an unknown fairy appears, the Mondaug will consume it as normal, hold it in its stomach, and then regurgitate the still-living fairy in Mallos' prison cells before the digestion process begins.
+1 coin to Freya
+50 points to Freya

second place:
The Lamrion by Shenan
-> The Lamrion are loosely aligned to Mallos; they follow him for his false promises to lift their curse, but they have no love or true loyalty to him and could be bribed not to attack.
+50 points to Gobardon

Mallos will also be using:
Nazeer by Wolf
+30 points to Epos
Nalim, Mome Rath and Dosidote by Starshine
+30 points to Adia Reshil

Aura has adopted:
Mjolnier by Kaidan
+30 points to Mouse
Slithy Tove by Starshine

Neutral creatures:
Venaraptor by Alora
+30 points to Ewan

+60 points to ewan
+70 points to gobardon
+90 points to freya
+1 coin to freya
+110 points to adia reshil
+40 points to mouse
+40 points to epos

please claim via updates :)

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