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moderator applications open.

so uni life is crazy. i think things should settle down after fresher's week... hopefully xP i've blown off going clubbing tonight in order to update shaman. only person left in my dorm :/ i feel like such a loser.

anywayyy. i kinda knew this was coming but i procrastinated doing anything about it. merlin and i have started uni now and pix is at college, which leaves alora, who works hella loads, and affy, who is back at school full-time. in order to keep things ticking over smoothly, i think we're going to need some help ;)

if you're interested in becoming a moderator, please fill out the following form and email it to georgia@shamanrpg.net.

OOC name:
Location (country):
Previous experience:
Why do you want to be a moderator?:
Relevant skills:

Please note that previous experience may include:
- Moderating or owning other websites.
- Being a prefect/head boy/girl or house captain at school.
- Being a manager at work.
- Any other real life or online situation where you have acted in authority or as a leader.

Relevant skills may include:
- HTML and web development
- Photography, photomanipulation and/or digital art
- Communication skills
- People skills
- Leadership skills
- Personality traits such as creativity

All moderators receive a free @shamanrpg.net email address and are frequently called upon for advice. I like my mods to have an opinion and to not be afraid to express it, and I need people who can openly disagree with me.

It's pretty obvious, but I also need you to understand how the moderator system works. In case any of you don't, click the "click here" link under administrators & moderators at the top of the board. Also, I need people who have excess time to spend doing things like maintenance. Even if you really want to be a moderator, if you know you don't have the time to commit, please don't apply - you'll only be wasting both our times in the long run.

I already have old applications from Jaya and Starshine, but they are welcome to resubmit if they wish to.

You will not be discriminated against by age, location, amount of time spent here, etc. I only want to know the former two because I like to have a mix of people who represent the game better. Do not be deterred if you are a relativey new member - you will still be considered on equal terms to someone who has been playing longer. I'm more concerned about active, enthusiastic people with good skills than I am people who have been here a long time.

As well as taking on new mod/s I will also be looking to add another level 1 moderator, so existing mods are welcome to use an adaption of the form above to apply for this spot if they want to. All existing mods will be considered for this position whether they apply or not.

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