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track pregnancy testing thread.

some of you may remember that when we upgraded from the babystats beta to the alpha, i set up a testing thread to help iron out the wrinkles in the system.

i'm going to set up another testing thread in track - partially again to try and spot any flaws in it, but also to train the other mods to use it. currently only merlin and alora can use the bsa; if other mods want to learn to use it, we'll also set up a testing thread on get stats now.

anyone can use the testing thread and they can put up any two parents (regardless of gender/family relations) they want. last time, people had a bit of a laugh with it. you can do as many as you want, and you can either do it in fun or to see what kind of baby you might get if you bred two characters. the more you do the more you're helping us to refine the technique. it will also teach everyone (mods and i included, since it's new to us too xD) how it all works.

like last time, you can use characters which are not on the game, providing they are fairy-oid. feel free to invent parents with weird and wonderful traits and things if you want. since this isn't real, you don't need other players' permission to use their characters' stats.

unlike last time, you will not be able to make your babies real if you like your stats. two reasons for this... one is that last time we had issues with people inventing powerful characters and then naturally wanting the powerful offspring to keep; the other is that since in this system you only get full stats at the end of the pregnancy, there's no opportunity for you to play the pregnancy out if you only decide when you get the full stats that you want to keep them.

if you want to use track for real to get an actual baby, you should /not/ post under the testing thread. any babies made in the testing thread will NOT go into the database.

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