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knights of shaman.

it would only happen under the reign of king arthur, wouldn't it?

your fairies can now become knights. if this happens, they will adopt the title of 'sir _____'. it's mostly an honourary title, but the knights may be called upon to make decisions on behalf of the whole of shaman.

wherever you see this symbol -

the knights have sworn to protect and preserve that particular patch of land as a sanctuary for the people. at the moment, they have adopted the shrine as their prime sanctuary.

although once appointed they bear no allegiance to the crown or the deities, knights can be appointed by either. they are chosen for their bravery, their superior fighting skills, their acute senses, their precise control of magic, their nobility and their sense of righteousness.

once a knight, you're a knight for life, and require the kaiser/deity's permission to resign the job. knighthood can only be taken forcibly away from you if you commit a sin against shaman. the title is not ascribed, meaning it won't be passed on to offspring, but can only be achieved.

only male fairies can be knights. women who marry knights do not have any special titles or responsibilities. sorry, girls.

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