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Administrators and moderators will post important news here. Please be sure to check back regularly. :)

Freebies are sometimes posted on this board. Please be aware that a freebie can only be claimed up to one week after it was posted.

Freebies are often granted to "all active characters". A character is considered active if it has made an IC post within the last 2 weeks. Posts made after the freebie was posted do not count.

definition of an active character

sometimes points are given to all characters, sometimes just to "all active characters". since people seem to get confused over the what this means, here is a standard definition:

an active character is any fairy which has made an in-character post in the last 2 weeks PRIOR to the points being given out. this does NOT include:
- characters which have not yet been born, because obviously they haven't been posted.
- characters which are only posted AFTER the points are given out.
- if the familiar has been posted but the fairy hasn't.
- if an ooc note (e.g. signing up for a contest) has been made in the character's name but no actual ic post made.
- if your character was posted by someone else in a plot (e.g. if it appears in an admin-driven plot but you didn't actually write it). YOU have to post the character to get the points.

it DOES include:
- characters which appear in plots or other characters' posts but aren't necessarily posted under their own name (e.g. a mother with a newborn baby are often played together). as long as you wrote it, all characters you write in one post can claim the points.
- short in-character posts, e.g. those in robin orchard.

when you claim points for your active characters you SHOULD be providing evidence of posts. i know no one does and i don't insist on it because i trust your honesty, but if we are getting repeat incidents of people claiming points on characters when they shouldn't be i will make it compulsory.

remember that your inactive characters will never be taken off you or deleted from the database. inactive characters just won't be able to receive as many points or coins as active ones. :)

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