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found my little bit of haven.

oh yeah. it's done. sort of.

it's FUNCTIONAL at any rate. i haven't written up a couple of the extra help pages which tell you useful things like what the odds are of you getting x power and stuff, but that isn't essential for actually reproducing. hopefully i'll get that done this weekend.

if you go to shaman -> haven you can see the changes that have been made. quite simply, this is the best baby stat producer on the webz, and i don't care what anyone says =D

as members, all you need to worry about is the MORTAL section. however, if you want to see how stats are generated or even mock generate your own stats, you can check out what's under GOD.

main new addition: pregnancy tests. now, in order to get stats you have to receive a positive pregnancy test result. you can get around this by getting a "pregnancy guarantee". a new pregnancy guarantee item will be arriving in shops soon.

it is crucial that you read all the info under mortal before you post for pregnancy tests.

since the generators have now (in theory) made producing baby stats idiotproof, all mods can now play fate and give pregnancy tests and baby stats. however, if you haven't done it before (ie pix and affy, and i can't remember if quil has or not) i want you to do it with me first time round just so i can check you're okay with it.

to celebrate the launch of haven v3.0 and to encourage people to make babies,until our birthday (mar 14th) all new babies will receive +1 coin AND double points! homg!

next week or so will probably see a swamp of edits to haven as i work out what works and what doesnt, so watch this space. :)

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