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omniety round one results.

okay. it has been a long and very tiring day for me xP there were three judges for round one - myself, chia (the external judge) and quil (the internal judge). it was important to have an unbiased external judge, but it was also important to have an internal one who could comment on character development and such.

it was really very difficult. to give you an idea of how difficult, i've been sat here since about 4pm (with the exception of an hour dinner break) and it's currently 1am xP all the posts were completely picked apart and we finally came up with three winners. unlike last year, these winners are ranked in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for reasons which will become clear in the second round.

1st place: joel
2nd place: flynn
3rd place: adonis

congrats to those three, and to everyone else. mouse, lusitania, serafina, eirwyn and patrick may all claim +50 points on the updates board for their incredible posts.

the second round still isn't ready to go up yet, i'm afraid, but it should be ready within a week or so, so keep an eye out for another post from omni. after deliberation i have decided that alora, merlin and pixie can be made aware of what they are expected to do in the second round if they want to know, to enable them to plan plots and such. if they do want to know, then they can message me privately for the information. otherwise the details of round two will be published by omni in the usual ic way, probably in the silver cove or some other neutral territory.

as you might guess, the ranking means that there are advantages and disadvantages. 1st place has all the advantages, 2nd has one disadvantage and 3rd place has two disadvantages... so not everyone is on even footing in round two.

however... i think you will all really enjoy round two. and by "you all", i'm referring to every player on the game xD if it all works out, there should be some awesome threads to stalk.

well done everyone.

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