Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.


Madeline was currently laying low unfder a snow bank. How she arrived at this position would be an interesting question. The little grey wolf was training. She had long ago learned to accept the cold, and as such her body was used to it. no she was being trained she was doing the training. Her three snow-winged gliders were hunting her. Shruikan, Lavidean, and Shalla. Listed older first. Shruikan would keep the younger two from making any rash decisions. Shalla was the youngest but by far the most mysterious, with her Star blessing. She could read fortunes and the future in the stars. Whether she was accurate or not remained unseen, as Madeline never checked on her predictions. LAvidean was more like Shruikan, more and more protective of the wolf fem every day. Bit annoying actually. The frequently where in these mountains, training, always training. Never a dull moment.
"you seem to be stuck my dear" the voice in her head startled her, so much that the snow fell off her head. It had been years since he put in a visit.
she growled out, "What do you want? im a little busy."
"Oh nothing at all, just checking in, and to let you know that im still in here but i wont be a problem for you, in fact i think you will find me a help in the end."
"I doubt it entirely," Madeline said, but it was to late, he was gone.

Shruikan was slowly prowling along in the snow. Shalla was to his right about twenty feet away, and Lavidean was above them flying in a search pattern, hopefully out of reach of Madelines blessings. Lavidean was a skilled user of his Ice Beam but wasnt fast enough to defeat thier mistress, or even to get the first shot in. As she stalked he became aware of some snow slowly sliding down an embankment. Looking up she saw where it originated from, quickly motioning to Shalla and Lavidean. Shalla nodded, indicated that Madeline was more then likely under thier. Silently and quickly they deployed, Shalla circled around to the right, Lavidean closed in from the top, and SHruikan darted in from the left.
Suddenly Lavidean let out a screech of pain and his left wing folded and he plummeted towards the soft snow. As he fell he noticed a bright green jellybean falling with her, Madeline had pelted imr with it, deadening the nerve in his wing, he was going to hit the snow, it was inevitable.

Shruikan let loose her Ice Beam as soon as he say Lavidean fall out of the sky. Howevfer she was just fast enough, freezing the jellybeans in midair but the kept coming, thier kinetic energy built up already. She took the hits on her armored shoulders and continued forward, throwing up Ice Shields every time a jelly bean came near. Shalla however, was the youngest, and by far the most inexperienced. She had only the one blessing Star, no use in combat except to predict where the next strike would be. left, down, right, high left, low right, senter. SHe dodged them all untill Madeline hit her with three in quick succession, right in the forehead, stunning her. She dropped.
Shruikan lunged forward and opened her maw, she was inches away and That was the terms of the defeat.

Madeline let loose a,"I yield" and leaped out of the snow. She was agitated and clearly disturbed about something. Shruikan couldnt quite place the behavior but she seemed to remember it before. It would come to her in time.

Madeline paced back and forth, Checking on Shalla and Lavidean and making sure they were alright. Feeling was coming back in Lavideans wing, he could feel it returning. Shalla was standing and shaking her head, slowly coming to.


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