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a very fishy contest.

This is a sort of activity contest. Sort of.

The object of this contest is to earn nemofish. Behold the nemofish.

You can gain nemofish by threading with other players.
A mini thread = 2 posts each
A standard thread = 3 posts each
A long thread = 5 posts each
An epic thread = 10 posts each

- 1 nemofish for every mini thread with a character who your character has never RPed with before.
- 2 nemofish for every standard thread with a character who your character has never RPed with before.
- 5 nemofish for every long thread with a character who your character has never RPed with before.
- 15 nemofish for every epic thread with a character who your character has never RPed with before.

DOUBLE nemofish given to any thread if you have never RPed with any of that player’s characters before.

You only need to claim nemofish for your half of the thread. So, say Henry is threading with Joel. Henry posts, Joel replies, Henry posts again but Joel doesn’t reply this time. Henry can still claim 1 nemofish because he did 2 posts in a mini-thread, but Joel cannot claim because he only posted once.

This contest has one month, so it ends on September 5th at midnight GMT. At the end of that time you will be able to trade up your nemofish for prizes.
1 nemofish = 2 doubloons
1 nemofish = 1 point
50 nemofish = 1 coin

You can mix and match your prizes and give them to whichever characters you want. So, say you got 80 nemofish total. You could claim 1 coin (50 fish), 10 points (10 fish) and 40$ (20 fish).

The person with the most nemofish will also receive, on top of what they trade their nemofish for, 3,000$, 100 points and 1 coin. The runner up will receive an additional 1,000$ and 30 points.

You can keep track of your threads by recording them under the specific thread on the Writing Workshop board (OOC -> OOC -> Writing Workshop). For each thread you must link to each of your posts and put the total nemofish awarded for each thread, with a full total at the bottom. For example,

Standard thread
= 2 nemofish

Contest begins today. Drop any questions on the chat board :)

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