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version eight: new feature preview.

work for version eight is well underway, although the actual switchover could be a couple of weeks off yet. i'm very time restricted and i want to make sure the WHOLE site is completely functional and has all the info typed up before i launch it. i'll keep you guys updated on progress. if anyone wants to help out, just let me know.

might post feature previews every now and again, with the assistance of shaman's new helper, BJ (carl is on holiday).

BJ sits at the bottom left hand corner of most pages, acting as a help icon. clicking on BJ will open up a new window with relevant information about the particular page you're on. here's the information BJ gives on a new feature coming in version eight: territory sizes.

"Territories have three sizes: large, medium and small. The size of a territory is indicated by the plus signs next to its name - three signs (+++) for large, two (++) for medium and one (+) for small. Territory sizes are not fixed; territories can be expanded or reduced as borders are redrawn.

The size of a territory is important because it limits the number of adult characters who can live there. Children (characters under the age of 13) do not count towards these limits, but they do once they grow up.
Only five adult characters can live in a small territory.
Ten adult characters can live in medium territories.
Twenty adult characters can live in large territories.

Attempting to force more adult characters into a territory than the territory size can cope with can have extremely negative effects on the whole population. Overcrowded territories can become severely impacted by disease, squalor and famine.

Territories can be reduced in size if through warfare or natural disasters. Please see the "destruction: warfare and disasters" section below for more information.

Territories can be expanded by discovering more land on an exploration. Sometimes whole new territories are discovered, but usually it's only a small bit of land which is used to upgrade a territory to the next size up. Leaders can also expand the size of their territory by fighting other territories for their land. For example, if territory A is medium sized and territory B is small sized, territory B can invade territory A and start a war against them. If territory B wins, territory B will become medium size and territory A will become small size.

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