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welcome to v8!

Welcome to version eight! Itís been a while in the making but I hope youíll agree that itís worth it xD

First of all, a huge thank you to Nikkayla for the amazing new layout image, and to Quil for working like a trooper to help get the new site up as quickly as possible for you all.

Most of the site should be up and running. Galleries and FAQ are still under construction, but everything else should be completely functional and available to you all. As always when we switch there is a likelihood of errors (sometimes we forget to switch a page or update a link) so if you come across anything please post on the updates board so we can get it corrected. Shaman V8 has been tested in the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari and is fully compatible with all four, although IE users may not have the best viewing experience. If you are experiencing what you believe is a browser-related issue, we urge you to see our Troubleshooting note on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/shamanites) and/or download the latest version of your browser.

Now, a couple of points about the new version.

In the corner of some pages, you will see our new mascot, BJ the black cat. Clicking on BJ will make a popup appear with information relevant to the page youíre on. I strongly recommend that everyone (even older players) at least skim all the information BJ gives, because there have been a lot of changes. If you think something hasnít been explained to your satisfaction, please contact me and I will make necessary additions.

New features in V8 include:
- The trading post (OOC -> Shops), allowing you to buy, sell and trade your items for the first time ever. Doubloons and items are now inter-tradeable between members.
- Additions to the in character legal system, including law courts and dungeons. Characters can now be tried and imprisoned for their crimes.
- Changes to the Core/Castle, including a royal court, knights, nobility and an elected body with specific roles.
- Exploration. Characters can now explore the land, the isles and the high seas in search of fame and glory.
- Changeable territory sizes with population caps. Disasters and warfare reduce territory sizes or wipe them out altogether, while more land can be gained through exploration or challenging.
- Empires with unique concepts.
- Piracy and its ongoing war against the crown.
- Changes to the Academy, including apprenticeships with benefits for becoming a professional upon graduation.

Be sure to check them out and read up about them. One of the focuses for V8 has been on trying to let you completely personalise how your character progresses through life in order to create unique character experiences. There are so many different things to do. In this version, deities take a step back and ordinary characters take a step forward. How educated, famous, rich, well-travelled or well-employed your character becomes is up to you.

The deities are still around, so if you want something you can still track Aura or Gwythr down and ask them for it. Theyíre just taking more of a back seat role.

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