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Re(1): LoveNat's WolVES

Sorry, more. And I locked myself out.
Name- Monte
Age- Adult
Gender- Male
Appearnce- A dull and dirty brown color, with no differneces except for the filthy white scars that run like a tic-tac-toe board along his side. He has yellow eyes, dull and lifeless after many years of his qill to live draining away. Two of his teeth are missing, giving his jaw a lopsided appearence.
Personality- He is cold, calculating. He is a loner, prefering the company of himself. Why should he, when he is shunned for his patchwork of scars and horrendous facial features? Maybe someone who understands the trails hes been through can crack his rock hard shell, but that's still a shot in the dark.

Name- Salablue, or Blue for short
Age- Teen
Gender- Male
Appearnce- He is pure black, so pure it seems to shimmer with blue. He has midnight blue eyes.
Personality- He is... average. He is usually friendly, but moslty he keeps to himself. He is sarcastic and funny, but you have to know him to see that.
OCC Name- LoveNat


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