Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.


Strider had been racing about the pack full of adrenaline. The war had gone on for a couple of hours but he hadn’t had a single battle yet. He was adjtiated, and very anxious to get moving and fighting. But it seemed all the battles were being fought for him. When the golden and brown pelted brute suddenly felt a voice echo around exteriorly, and then eventually interiorly, it made him quite mad indeed. What was this voice inside his head? He felt shock, and an uncomfortable knot twisted in his stomach as he listened to what the voice had to say, at the same time hoping to god the voice’s owner couldn’t also read thoughts. Then he realised it was Flaming Rose, asking Rue and him to pull back his warriors.

No! Why would she ask such a thing? He hissed through his teeth and puffed out his chest, balancing himself as the voice finally came out of his head and he was able to think clearly, without suspecting spies. He surely couldn’t pull back…at least… if that was really what she was asking. However, maybe if he just pulled them back for a day. As far as he knew, nobody on his side was dead; not that he’d been paying much attention to the battles going on around him. But they’d all need healing. He’d been told of some wars in history that had just gone on pause while warriors regained their strength. Perhaps this would happen now…. As Strider thought about it, the more he came to realise that rest would be the best idea. Then he and Rue could speak to FR about whatever she wanted…and then they would continue.

With this thought, the lion-marked male galloped off into the horizon and paused at the borders of the pack, tilting his head back for a howl. Come, Fire pack, Ice mountain, now… said the howl. At the borders of the pack lay the mountain, and he walked some way up the base, but turned so his front was to the ice pack; he wanted to make sure everyone made it up safely and there were no stragglers. He knew every face in his pack and if there were any that didn’t make it, he would send out scouts.

((Fire pack AND wind gale members gather in this thread. Once you're here, via replying at this post, feel free to make own separate threads here before we leave for Ice Pack again. We're taking a break from the war to rest...any questions my aim is DannyDanaldDuck and email


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