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the easter challenge.

For each challenge you complete, you gain one Easter egg.

1. Tell one person out of character that you love them and why.
2. Write a post longer than 300 words.
3. Post in the Commune.
4. Have your character meet someone they have never met before, but do not use a traditional greeting.
5. Give something to another player. This could be a gift from your bank/inventory in-game, or you could make them a piece of art (perhaps a collage you made and photographed) or even write them a special post. Be creative!
6. Use the word ‘flibbertigibbet’ in a post.
7. Write a post shorter than 300 words.
8. Send your character on an exploration
9. Post something funny on the Lols & Fails board.
10. Request a territory of King Arthur, or have your character move into an already claimed territory.
11. Have your character put 3 secrets/confessions on the IC Gossip board.
12. Post one advertisement for Shaman on another site.
13. Pick a Shamanimal (Adhere -> World of Shaman -> Shamanimals) and write a post where your character interacts with one of those Shamanimals.
14. Write a short story from fairy culture which explains something (perhaps explains where the stars come from, or why the sky is blue, etc) and post it on the OOC board.
15. In the chatango box, act like a specific animal and only stop when someone guesses the right animal.

You have ten days to complete as many items off the list as possible. At the end, you will be able to trade up your eggs for cool things!

1 egg = 50$.
3 eggs = +30 points for one character.
5 eggs = 500$.
7 eggs = One character gets to lead a free expedition across the high seas. (Worth 10,150$.)
10 eggs = +1 coin for one character.
15 eggs = +1 coin for all of your characters, plus another for your bank.

Each point off the challenge will only gain you one egg, so you need to do every point to get all 15 eggs. You can mix and match your prizes, so for example if you get 13 eggs you can claim +1 coin for 1 character and +30 points for one character.

You can claim eggs right up until April 18th at midnight GMT. After that time, you will need to tot up all your eggs to claim your prizes. Claim eggs and prizes on the updates board, and where possible provide evidence. You do not need to do them in order.

Happy Easter!

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