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new survey & minor core changes.

there is a new survey to complete. please do so as soon as possible =]

secondly... a couple of minor changes have been made to the core. the king's heir position has been replaced by "the heir apparent" and "the co-regent".

the heir apparent is the character legally next in line for the throne, or the character with the most claim to the throne if the king suddenly dies or abdicates without naming a successor. following the line of inheritance, this is currently the king's brother, mordred.* if arthur marries lilith, then the heir apparent will change to gawain.

the king can groom and name his own heir, of course. in this case the heir apparent will be replaced by the name of the person the king chooses.

there is also now a co-regency position. a co-regent is a person who will eventually take over the full kingship, so if a co-regent is named they will also become the heir apparent. the difference between the two positions is that the heir apparent has no real power, it is simply assumed that they will take the throne upon the death/abdication of the current king. on the other hand, the co-regent has been selected by the king to learn the art of kingship, and will undertake some responsibilities of the king. the king can choose which responsibilities to give to the co-regent (maybe the ability to grant exploration permissions, or the power to appoint knights).

the king can chop and change heir apparents as much and as often as he likes, but it is more difficult to replace a co-regent. if a co-regent is replaced, the original co-regent still has a claim to the throne and may challenge the new co-regent upon the death/abdication of the king. therefore, the king should think very carefully before naming a co-regent.

the king can also choose to bestow some of his responsibilities onto his royal wife if he chooses to.

* = arthur is the eldest of three children by nimueh. his sister morgana is older than mordred, but mordred overtakes morgana in the line of succession because he is male, and the royal system in shaman will always favour a male heir. arthur's sons, gawain and tristan, are technically illegitimate and will remain behind mordred in the line of succession until arthur marries lilith. thus mordred is first in line, with gawain and morgana both having claim to second in line.
other characters who could argue a claim to the throne are gwythr, mallos and any of mallos' other children.

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