Storming Night
This Gang is located in a wide forest, surrounded in trees and bushes. The grass runs soft and bright green. As beautiful as it is though, only Storming Night and the prey live here.

Leader: Skiv
Mistress (Leader's mate, also the leader):
Harbinger (Second in command): Sita
Warriors: Nalleya, Atsumi, Mau, Venus, Kopa
</Eyes on the Prey\>

The large gang leader trudged though his lands, eager to start training soon. He had gotten many warriors yet, and they all needed some battle strategies to aid them in battle. Skiv was a good fighter, although he was not up in "blessings". His paws brushed lightly against the ground, and his golden eyes scanned for any signs of life.

He could see a tan figure, far out, but it was so far away, it looked like a small blob. So far away, and so small, Skiv was lucky to see it. He started at a trot, and then a slow run, to see the newcomer. When he finally approached her, he dipped his head in greeting. "Hello there, young warrior. What brings you to my lands?"


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