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welcome to version nine!

Welcome to version nine!

As you can see, a few things have changed. For the benefit of older players I’ll outline the changes here, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to navigate; one of the things we were trying to achieve was making the site more user-friendly.

‘Adventure’ is the old ‘outer border’ and ‘reside’ is the old ‘inner border’. All the territories you can live in are found under reside, and all the social/interactive areas are under adventure.

Under adventure, you should see two new social boards: Macabre Marsh and the Pantheon. The Pantheon is where the deities of Shaman can live (basically a made-up version of the old Shrine, and as you can see, we’ve reused the Shrine board) and where your characters can visit them. Now, if your characters need to know their ren shape/level branch or have an emerald leaf, they can post in the Pantheon and a deity will reply. Interaction with the deities should be easier than before. Macabre Marsh is a new spooky social area for brave and adventurous fairies. You can either use it as a general chatting place, or you can fight monsters (solo or in teams) for prizes. This area is still in beta mode so we welcome your suggestions for improvement.

Moving onto reside, you should see that the territory borders have been redrawn and the territories renamed to reflect Shaman history. Within the territories, the descriptions also include landmarks named after famous events or characters.
-> When Apeliotes Island collapsed, Apeliotes Caves became the new home of the pirates. You can read more about how this happened on the Apeliotes Caves board or the history page.
-> Olive Grove is the new name for the Commune.
-> When Tsi grounded the rock-dragon in Ily Moor (in the plots), it was renamed Dragonbone Moor.
-> Augury Vale is the beautiful valley in the Vista Mountains.
-> Sebauza Ruins is the new name for the Shady Labyrinth, with reference to Gwythr’s ruined palace.
-> After Epitome Jungle was destroyed all those years ago, it eventually became a desert and, in the centre of that desert, there is the newly inhabitable Epitome Oasis.

There are two main rivers in Shaman, now known as the River Grace and the River Twinge, as well as many other landmarks. Read the reside board descriptions or look on the history and archives page to see all the landmarks.

If you look under the OOC, help and adhere sections, you should see some new help pages.
-> Meet the Staff: information about the staff, found under adhere.
-> Fairykind: fairy biology and the minor differences between ‘types’ of fairies, found under adhere.
-> Soulology: how familiars and souls work, under adhere.
-> Contemporary Earth: what life is like for fairies on Earth, under adhere.
-> Meet the Originals: detailed information about the original fairies, found on the religion & culture page under adhere.
-> Ancient Phrases: phrases in the ancient language with translation and pronunciation for you to use in your posts, found under help.

The setup under OOC and help shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out. Please note that the individual shops have collapsed onto one page to make browsing easier, and some items may have moved between sections. Most of the old items should still be there, so just ctrl+F to find them.

Another new feature of this version is the ability to join temporary characters with powers/etc. There are only a limited number of these so you may want to get in quick if you want one. They can be joined on the special temporary characters board (where all the other information is) under adhere.

The calendar has gone; now you can see the season from the homepage.

In-character-wise, the main changes are the presence of the three new deities (and the absence of the old), the presence of the new ‘temporary characters’ and their (in many cases) extreme religious opinions, and the hidden, unspoken danger which lurks in the darkness. Currently this danger is on Earth, not Shaman, but it seems to have the power to reach across worlds. As the version progresses, more information about this danger will become available.

As always, be prepared for more updates, changes and news posts over the next few days while we settle everything into the new version. Please click around and get used to the new site.

To celebrate version nine, for ONE WEEK ONLY we are offering you +5 points for every post you write (to go to the character who posted).

Also, for the duration of this week, we are unlocking the restrictions on moving powers, traits, defects, coins and points between living characters. You may move powers, traits, defects, coins and points between characters as much as you like for the next week, or move things into your bank if you wish. Please ensure that you complete all transactions before the week is up, because next Tuesday at midnight GMT no more transactions will be allowed and all changes will be fixed.

Also, because I forgot to give out the prizes that were supposed to go out with the plot releases, all members may claim 500$ and you may claim your choice of +50 points or +1 coin for each character.

If anyone has any questions about anything, please contact Merlin, Equilibrium or myself in any of the usual ways. Hope you all enjoy the new version as much as we’ve enjoyed prepping for it, and thank you for sticking with us for so long!

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