Susil Crags

Disaster has struck!
The Crags are a series of rocky formations with small caves and crevices throughout. Many of the lower-lying areas of the Crags have been flooded, however, with water pouring in from the Northern stretches of Moladion. Some paths have been completely submerged, and some are nothing more than a few rocky peaks sticking out of the water. The water is fairly slow moving but begins to pick speed up towards the Grotto, becoming a series of intense rapids and waterfalls as it nears the Grotto's entrance.

The area itself is still traversible. However, it can be risky. Large amounts of debris can enter the waterway, creating bridges at times but also creating dams that break and cause ocassional flash-flooding. Be careful, travelers! One wrong step and you could end up finding out where the water goes.

Note: Susil Crags will return to normal once 25 posts have been completed (or at Staff discretion). During this time, new threads will receive a 'Surprise','Disaster', and prizes.

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:: He'll Only Break Your Heart :: (Aaliyah)


(( in my mind, cave is epic like that, maybe not quite that big, but I mean he gave her a palace lol, not a hole in the ground))

He had said come and so she had. He had said follow and she did, turning away that night from the Angels who lingered upon the plain, turning into the darkness to follow the blackened creature as he led her, twisting and turning into the abyss of the night with paws so soft, so silent and deadly upon this earth. His path did not falter; he did not turn as he moved- as if the very trees and plants themselves would recoil from his blackened form as the creature of darkness parted the earth and slide deeper and deeper into the shadows of the eve with his Angel behind. Leading her down, down, down and away from the light- away from everything- for Tobias will not face the break of dawn. He cannot, the light sickens him and he does not understand her desire for it. He cannot, to his mind she is as he. She does not need the day, she is his and he cannot understand her reluctance, eh cannot perceive her connection to blood and family, such things are not within him and indeed he does not turn to look back upon the field of Angels whose blood runs thick and hot before him. How those Demons of his mind raw and screech at even the thought of them and yet she does not desire this, she says he must not and so he stays his fangs, to please her perhaps- though truly it cannot be said why he abides her at all. He towers above her, surrounds her, encompasses her frame of alabaster perfection and yet for all his power, all his raw strength he will not disobey the tiny girl with the pelt of white and blood. She is his obsession, his possession and she belongs to her Family no more.

He descends the side of the crater, blacked form moving as liquid obsidian to slide like oil into the eve, melting and blurring with his shadows, his servants, his Kingdom when the sun is held at bay until his form seems to melt and blur, disappearing into the shade of the eve, save for the glow of eyes so dead, so devoid that gleam with reptilian cold into the darkness, watching’s tarting, waiting until she comes to his side once more. For that is as he demands it. She does not walk ahead, she does not walk behind. No. Aaliyah is equal, Aaliyah is like him and his fractured mind demands she walk beside him to brush charcoal and snow with each powerful stride until he turns once more and the trees grow thin and the scrub and undergrowth becomes less and less, weak and broken and dead until only shale and rock remains. The den of Tobias is a secret guarded by the side of the crater itself, though indeed it would seem all the earth around it has failed to grow, failed to thrive and return for it remains nothing but a wasted piece of mountain as if nature itself is released by the creature leaving within the scar, the wound of Moladion not yet healed. None but the scent of Tobias linger here, for instinct alone wards all others away. When the land stops flourishing, the wolves stop walking, they will not cross that line of death that Tobias glides over on wings of blackened sin, turning, pausing, waiting with eyes of emerald fire for Aaliyah to come to him, eyes so dead and cold held against her own. Aaliyah is mate. Tobias cannot understand this, not fully, but instinct demands this of him and nothing is more powerful for a creature devoid of soul or reason- then instinct. Aaliyah is his, Aaliyah is allowed within his home, Aaliyah is allowed to be within this world of decay because Tobias allows it. So he waits upon that barren land, a silent demand for her to come, before he turns and slides within the mountainside itself, into the scar of Moladion and the cave hidden within the rocks- into the kingdom hidden within.

The living do not exist here, they will not come, they dare not enter a place upon which the wolves themselves seem lined with blood and death, the evidence of kill upon kill lays littered within the entrance, bones and fur and sinew still raw that the Black Prince passes over unseen, unfaltering, as he plunges into the blackness of the den. Though indeed ‘den’ is not at all what lingers within. Others do not know, for others will not enter this place, no eyes save for those long since dead have walked amongst this place, Aaliyah is the first to the see the Kingdom of The Black Prince for it is nothing less, the tunnel simply widens, opening with suddenness to spill into what is no less than a palace, a mansion, a cave of such monstrous proportions it is a wonder the side of the crater stands at all as it spills and rises and towers in all directions lit by slithers of moon and bugs that glow. It is a Kingdom, a palace, a land underground of beauty so untold and so unappreciated by eyes who cannot see it. Tobias does not understand, he cannot perceive the beauty of this place, of a cave so wide and expensive for he does not feel, he does not see, he does not know what he stands within as the wolves glow and gleam and water falls to pool in puddles as fine as glass and diamond. Stalactites and stalagmites rise and fall in all directions, creating hills and pools, cliffs and chairs and caves, yes, so many caves and tunnels that allow the Black Prince to travel beneath this world. He simply stands within it, stands within those shafts of moonlight, eyes upon her own features, watching, seeking some reaction.

“This is my den. This is your den now.”

Den. The word is wrong, for this is beyond a den, it is no hole in the earth- it is so far beyond yet his eyes cannot see it, his mind cannot comprehend it, he does not understand the awe of this place as his dead eyes remain unblinking on her features, face devoid and impassive as he stares, words blank, toneless, merely stated before he moves once more across the floor of soft sand, moving to his mate, jaws parting to grip her muzzle in a gesture he has come to understand is given to please her. It is a gesture of affection, a symbol of a bond run deep and yet he feels nothing, simply repeats what he has seen before, gripping her muzzle between his fangs, holding it so softly, so gently within that undergrown palace decorated in beauty so exquisite yet unseen by any eyes to appreciate it- until this moment, as he releases his grip, brushing against her, around her, for he craves her touch, seeks it, demands it and the growl of pleasure within his throat coiled and echoes within the gloom. Jaws part once more, his tongue caressing her cheek, her muzzle, gestures of affection and adoration mimicked and copied as he pauses, watching, waiting for the reaction he seeks before continuing, stopping, continuing in a pattern repeated for he understands no other way and indeed- as long as her reactions continue to be deemed suitable- he will continue to do the same. It is how he leans, how he understands though indeed he is unaware to the extent his mate struggles to understand, her fear at acting incorrectly, at causing him frustration for indeed when her reactions do not seek to please him, when they are not what he desires he becomes agitated, frustrated and aggressive- for he cannot understand himself, he cannot communicate in any other way. He cannot feel- he cannot show her what he desires, his fractured, broken mind is not capable of this and the demons within it rage and hiss.


It is a command though indeed wether it is intended as such cannot be said, for he knows no other word for which to achieve her reaction, muzzle parting, gripping her scruff, pulling her forward- for he has seen this also, understands nothing else but what he has witnessed and within his broken mind it is a command to follow, soft and gentle as he tugs her like a child pulling it’s mothers hand as he moves from the cave, moving back into the entrance of the tunnel as the first light of day has begun to spill across the earth, lips coiling, hissing in dislike at this shaft of light as he slips from the earth once more, dropping lower, back into the forest, clinging to the shadows as he moves swiftly, silently with Aaliyah beside him and towards the rush of water. He will not stay long, no, for the sun is rising already yet for reasons unknown he has brought her to these falls, this pool of deep water as he pauses upon the edge of it, staring with devoid unbalance into the liquid. His features twist and contort, frustration marking his perfect form as his lip twitches and curves, anger forming harsh lines as he steps within the water, again and again, wading until he sits with such abruptness within that pool. He had seen them, for Tobias watches always, he had seen Rainbow and Iblis and Ruvindra, he had watched with hungry eyes and saliva filled jowls as they played within the water and yet his mind, so depraved, so wretched- had been stopped, his hunger and drive to kill ceased and halted by actions, movements he did not understand as his twisted mind watched.

He does not exist, he is not real, he is a soul shell who plays at life and yet.....they had made a sound, the laughing sound that he detests and yet has come to recognise with a pleasure felt by others. They had been within the water, splashing, they have expressed emotion he cannot understand and yet for whatever reason had observed and remembered, an action he attempts to portray- for no apparent reason in this moment. He wants Aaliyah to smile, though it cannot be said why, for he cannot perceive this emotional connection, understands only that they, those he had watched, had splashed and reacted in a way of happiness. Thusly Tobias repeats this exercise as he sits, bizarrely within the water, one paw raising before slamming back into the water with such force as to spray liquid in every direction, falling in sun-kissed droplets all about him in a halo of diamonds. His face does not move, his features do not change as he stares blankly at Aaliyah- waiting, expectant. The others had laughed and been happy. This is the reaction he seeks though surely Aaliyah cannot understand this. His mind revolts so violently against this...desire, this need to make her smile that it seems his entire body is forced to shudder, teeth gritting together as he slams another foot into the water, copying what he had seen to near exact proportions (though with far more force then is surely required) as the Demons hiss and scream at him. He wants her to smile....he wants her to laugh like the others did and he does not know how. Perhaps Tobias is cruel and vile, violent and sickening.......yet for whatever reason he is trying, against every fibre of his emotionless being he seeks to force this reaction from her, agitation beginning to show in very line of his frame as he snarls, head jerking towards her, demanding, expectant......waiting for this to please her as it did the others......

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