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omniety things

Firstly, don't forget your Omniety entries! If you need an extension then it's best to ask for one before the deadline.

Couple of FAQs I've had which I thought I'd put up:

What happens if my character fails any part of the task?
If your character fails any part of the task (fails to get to Earth, fails to retrieve the relic, fails to replace the relic with a duplicate and/or fails to return to Shaman) then they will be automatically disqualified from proceeding to round 2. You will still receive a participation prize/the usual prizes and you will be acknowledged to have completed round 1, but you cannot proceed to the next level.

Does my character have to come back to Shaman via Versailles?
If you want them to keep their powers/level, yes. If your character does not return to Shaman via Versailles, they will have their powers and points wiped. This isn't us being mean, it's just part of the game cannon :/ Please ensure your characters return to Shaman via the magic mirror portal in the Palace of Versailles, France.

I've picked a cult/place but am confused about where the cult should be/which cult to pick.
If you go to Adhere -> Religion & Culture and then look in BJ's speech bubble, there is information about each of the different deities, including maps which show the range of monotheistic cult worship. As a general rule, polytheistic cults can be wherever you want. If you have a specific place you want to use and aren't sure which monotheistic cults are available to you, ask an admin directly.

What's the time difference between Earth and Shaman? How long does my character have to complete the challenge?
Time between Earth and Shaman is not relative. That means your character could spend a year on Earth and only be gone from Shaman for an hour, or vice versa. You can spend as long as you like on Earth providing you include a return post in your entry. Your character will continue to age on Earth, so if they spend 10 years on Earth but are only gone from Shaman for 5 minutes, they will still have aged 10 years.

There's always a good participation prize so even if you think you can't win, try and get your entry up anyway!

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