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info about the new version

A few people have been asking about the new version, so I thought Iíd do up a quick post.

Firstly, we are almost ready with the new version and should be able to give you a launch date by the end of this week. We have like, one and a half chapters to write, couple of other things to do, and thatís about it.

Secondly, a few of your questions answered. Before launch date there will be a countdown, and on every day of the countdown we will release a new chapter of the plot for you to read. The final chapter will be released on launch day, and then all of the admins will work together to switch you onto the new layout. A new version is a time of celebration and there are likely to be lots of contests, giveaways, games etc.

None of the boards will be reset, all your old threads will transfer over and you will be able to keep posting exactly as you did before. In fact, the new version doesnít have to affect your characters at all if you donít want it to. If you would prefer for them to ignore the overarching plots, thatís cool; if you want them involved, thatís cool too. Thereís nothing at all to worry about. Some new version plots DO have an impact on all characters (ask anyone who was around for version 5), but not this one up and coming Ė it can be ignored if thatís what you want xD

Finally, sit back and enjoy!

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