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Administrators and moderators will post important news here. Please be sure to check back regularly. :)

Freebies are sometimes posted on this board. Please be aware that a freebie can only be claimed up to one week after it was posted.

Freebies are often granted to "all active characters". A character is considered active if it has made an IC post within the last 2 weeks. Posts made after the freebie was posted do not count.

a note on spirit quests.

for newbies who don't know, spirits appear from time to time in the game to offer quests. the quests are not time limited, but are usually limited by the number of people who can respond. there are 3 spirits: xanthic, azure and pyrrhous.

spirit quests are always 100% in-character and you should treat them as character development posts/threads. the purpose of them is for you to develop your characters and explore your writing. spirit quests usually have prizes at the end of them, but how good the prize is will depend on how much effort you put into your posts in terms of general quality, creativity, etc.

you CAN claim llamas for your spirit quest posts.

if there has not been a spirit quest for a while or you keep missing out on them, you can always ask an admin OOC and we will try and set up a new one as soon as possible. regularity of spirit quests are gauged on interest level - we haven't had one for a long time because the slots on the last one weren't filled up xD

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