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xanthic spirit quest & more info on quests.

2 more slots have been added to the xanthic spirit quest in macabre marsh due to popularity. run run run!

in light of today's events, we've decided to make the following standardised rules for all spirit quests. this will be posted with all future spirit quests, but does not apply to the current ongoing xanthic spirit quest:

"Spirit quests are designed to help you with character development and exploring your writing; there is no right or wrong way to do a quest. This is not a competition and you are not judged against other players. The emphasis on quests is that you enjoy writing your character in an unusual situation, and that you put effort into the quality of your post(s). All spirit quests result in prizes, but the most desirable prizes (powers, coins etc) cannot be achieved posts where little to no attempt is made regarding quality, creativity, and character development.

Please note that posting a quick post to snag a slot and then editing it to make it better quality is considered unfair practice and is not allowed.

You cannot participate in two quests in a row. If you participated in the last quest, you are unable to participate in this one and must wait for the next one. The people who are thus unable to participate in this quest are:

we will list the names of the people unable to participate on the basis that they participated in the previous quest.

i want to emphasise that quests are NOT competitions and you will NEVER be judged against other players. there also aren't multiple differing levels of prizes on the basis of quality - basically, if you try, you'll get a full prize. if you obviously didn't try, you'll just get a smaller participation prize.

any questions, holla<3

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