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the love challenge(s).

we've done this before but it was a while ago, and i'm having a mushy moment.

the basic love challenge: you have to tell a different person every day for one week, "i love you", AND tell them why. cannot be sarcastically. doesn't have to be people online - it can be anyone in your life.

the confidence-building love challenge: you have to compliment a stranger (or an acquaintance you don't know well, if you're very shy) every day for one week. again, no sarcasm, and it doesn't have to be someone you know. you can compliment them on absolutely anything. this one is a bit harder because people have a hard time talking to strangers in general, but a passing "excuse me, but that's a beautiful dress!" can brighten someone's whole day.

the writer's love challenge: within a confined period of time (we won't limit this one to a week, but it should really be within 2-3 weeks), have all of your active characters publicly or privately acknowledge their love for another character. even if they just think it.

obviously we can't check and you can't prove that you've done these, so we're relying on honesty here. you can claim +15 points on the updates board for each challenge you successfully pull off. so if you pull off all three, you can claim +45 points. :) there's no official start or end date, so you can start whenever you want, but the top two should take strictly a week (so you can't do it every other day or just whenever you feel like it). if you miss a day on the top 2, then you need to start again.

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